The Canberra Multicultural Festival is a vibrant and inclusive celebration of the diverse cultures that contribute to the rich life of our Australian capital. Founded to promote unity, cultural exchange, and appreciation of Canberra’s multicultural community, this three-day event has become a highlight of the city’s cultural calendar each late summer.

The Canberra Multicultural Festival was first held in 1996, making it one of the longest-running multicultural festivals in Australia’s capital. It was established to celebrate the cultural diversity of Canberra and its surrounding regions, reflecting the city’s status as a welcoming and inclusive community.

The festival takes place in the heart of Canberra, primarily centered around City Walk and Garema Place in the city’s central business district. Typically held in February, the festival offers a warm and colorful celebration that coincides with the end of summer, attracting both locals and visitors.


The National Multicultural Festival’s mission is to promote unity, understanding, and appreciation of the city’s diverse cultural heritage. It provides a platform for different cultural groups to share their traditions, art, music, and cuisine with the broader community. The festival aims to break down barriers, foster cross-cultural friendships, and promote the importance of multiculturalism in Canberra and Australia as a whole.

What’s On?

The National Multicultural Festival has featured a multitude of captivating performances and cultural displays over the years. Some notable highlights include:

  • International Performers: Dance troupes, musicians, and artists from around the world sharing their talents and traditions.
  • Foodie Heaven: A wide variety of cuisines, from Italian and Indian to Ethiopian and Chinese, ensuring there’s something for every palate.
  • Cultural Exhibitions: Displays showcasing traditional clothing, art, and crafts from different countries, providing insight into the cultural heritage of diverse communities.
  • Inclusive Events: Initiatives like the “Living Languages” program, which focuses on preserving and promoting Indigenous languages.
Multi Cultural Festiva Canberra Dancers

More Information

To learn more about the National Multicultural Festival and stay updated on upcoming events, visit the official website: Canberra Multicultural Festival Official Website.

You can also connect with the festival on their Facebook page: National Multicultural Festival Facebook Page.