New album Just Transforming by The Guardian amongst one of the top 10 releases of 2021
All lilting folk tunes overlaid with sprightly Kora (West African harp) playful strings and dreamy three part harmonies as though Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon had convened in a Bamako back street. “ – The Guardian December 2021

“ When Miriam Lieberman sings “lay your burden down” on this (new) album’s first song, Infinite We Are, it is as much a gentle exhortation as it is a call to arms. With its palette of celestial strings, lush harmonies, twinkling piano arpeggios and soft indie beats, there is a hypnotic, ever-shifting quality to Lieberman’s work that gives the impression that “transforming” is not something that frightens her “ – 4.5 Stars, Jessie Cunniffe Spectrum SMH – 18th June 2021

African influences blend seamlessly with blues-infused melodies and soaring vocal harmonies in the music by Australian singer songwriter Miriam Lieberman. Her songs are soulful collections of stories, beautifully told through kora (21 string West African harp) guitar and Lieberman’s unmistakable voice. Trio members Lara Goodridge (Baby et Lulu/ FourPlay) and Susie Bishop (Chaika) add luscious vocal harmonies and soaring violin arrangements. Together the trio offers a powerful soundscape.


Lieberman’s albums are soulful collections of stories, beautifully told through strings, African kora and Lieberman’s unmistakable voice. Amongst the themes, the songs relate a love for the natural world, stories of transformation, motherhood, love, loss and the power of imagination. The music is coloured by Miriam’s journeys – from Guinea and Mali, where she studied kora (West African harp) to India and Latin America. These places have left an imprint on Lieberman’s musical style which she unifies with a catchiness and contemporary tone that is entirely her own. Performing alongside Miriam as a trio are formidable musicians Lara Goodridge ( Baby et Lulu/ Four Play) and Susie Bishop (Chaika). Adding luscious vocal harmonies and soaring violin arrangements, together they offer a powerful and uplifting soundscape.

Miriam is a multiple awardee of grants such as the John Butler Seed grant, Australia Council, Create NSW, APRA, Music NSW and the Australian Songwriters Association Award. Latest album Just Transforming is a finalist for the 2021 album of the year with the Australian Folk Alliance. Miriam and her trio have regularly featured at festivals around Australia including Woodford, The National Folk Festival (as the NSW showcase act), Fairbridge (WA), Yungaburra Folk Festival (QLD), Shir Madness, Blue Mountains Music Festival, Four Winds Festival, The Multicultural Festival (Canberra), Parramasala (Parramatta), Cygnet (TAS), Denmark Festival Of Voices (WA) and many more. Internationally, she has featured at The Guinean Jazz Festival, Hakodate World Music Festival (Japan), Voix des Femmes (Mali) and The Bali Spirit Festival.

Her songs are beautifully melodic, richly textured but can have pointed themes…. Simply brilliant ” 4.5 stars, Jeff Glorfeld, The Age

“‘Infinite We Are’ is an enthralling, intoxicating piece of blissful wonder” – Rolling Stone, May 2021

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