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FestivalAustralia.com.au provides information about Australia’s Music, Literary, Flower, Poetry, Jazz, Folk, Arts, Film, Wine & Food, Sporting & Community Festivals. For exact information about the dates, events, and artists appearing at festivals use the links on the individual festival directory page to visit the referenced official site. Alternatively, follow the Festival Australia Facebook Page, which provides details about looming events.

If you would like to list your Festival or Artist details then please contact us using the form below including email and your phone number and we will get in-touch. There is an annual subscription fee of AU$49.95 and $99.95 for Featured Festivals payable by invoice upon satisfactory listing. Systems are being updated so that you can keep your information current going forward.

Sane Earth Festival Australia Land Address: PO BOX 1553, BOWRAL, NSW, 2576


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