The Ord Valley Muster is an annual festival located in Kununurra, Western Australia, near the Ord River. Established in 1982, this festival highlights the local culture and agricultural history of the Kimberley region and attracts numerous visitors each year.

Scheduled in May to capitalize on the favorable weather conditions of the dry season and the region’s scenic beauty, the festival utilizes various venues in Kununurra. These range from areas along the Ord River to local farms and community locations.

The festival offers a variety of activities including live music performances, art exhibitions, local food and wine tastings, cattle demonstrations, horse riding competitions, and Indigenous cultural events. It has featured performances from notable artists such as Archie Roach, The Waifs, and John Butler Trio, alongside showcasing works from local artists.


The Ord River Valley Muster places a significant emphasis on the celebration of Kimberley’s culture and heritage. The festival also promotes sustainable practices and environmental education, underscoring the importance of preserving the unique environment of the Kimberley region.

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