Tropfest, renowned as the world’s largest short film festival, is an emblem of creativity and innovation in filmmaking. This annual event in Sydney, Australia, offers a unique platform for budding filmmakers to exhibit their talents and narrate captivating stories.

Originating in 1993, Tropfest was conceived by John Polson, an Australian actor and director. It started as a modest short film screening at Sydney’s Tropicana CafĂ©, where submissions were on VHS tapes. Over the years, Tropfest has blossomed into an international sensation, maintaining its roots in Sydney while expanding globally.

When and Where?

The festival is primarily hosted in Sydney’s scenic Domain park, providing an enchanting outdoor venue for film screenings. Held typically in February, it leverages Sydney’s summer ambiance for an under-the-stars film experience.



Tropfest has been graced by a variety of extraordinary short films and esteemed industry professionals. It boasts a history of prestigious judges like Nicole Kidman and Geoffrey Rush, and a range of film genres showcased. The festival is also known for its vibrant live entertainment, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Festival Ethos and Mission

The ethos of Tropfest revolves around:

  • Celebrating Emerging Filmmakers: Focusing on nurturing new talent in filmmaking.
  • Promoting Short Films: Highlighting the impactful storytelling potential of short films.
  • Encouraging Innovation: Inspiring filmmakers to explore and innovate.
  • Building Community: Fostering a shared passion for cinema among attendees and industry professionals.

Festival Website and Facebook Page

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