Country Music Songstress Jo Caseley

We were at the release concert of Jo Caseley’s most recent album, High on Heart Strings a few months back and were treated to a performance that bodes well for the future of this Southern Highlands of NSW based country music songstress.

Her original songs, brimming with raw emotion and authenticity, encapsulate love, life, relationship, and the intricate journey of motherhood. Each well-crafted melody about the highs and lows of everyday life makes her music relatable and enjoyable.

Caseley has a strong social conscience, which she weaves seamlessly into her music in several songs. Her ability to address societal issues within the framework of her art is commendable and serves as a powerful reminder of music’s role as a catalyst for change and awareness.


Her voice, a blend of warmth and strength, carries each song with a grace that is both comforting and inspiring as she shares a piece of her soul with every note. This level of sincerity, mixed with a certain vulnerability, sets her apart from a standard country music formula. She has been through the school of hard knocks and uses those experiences to good effect in her music.

She bridges songs with an easy patter and a good sense of humour. Her musicianship is assured whilst not brash, her guitar well under control and a good understanding with her band on the day.

In a world that often feels disconnected, Jo Caseley’s songs remind us of a shared human experience. Her heartfelt anthems of life, love, and resilience will leave you feeling a little like the title track of her album, that is, high on heart strings. Get along and see her live if able.

Kevin Parker – Publisher

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