An annual celebration of original music and artistic expression, this very funky festival takes place in the picturesque village of Nimbin, NSW. Unlike traditional music festivals held in large, singular locations, the Nimbin Roots Festival spreads its stages across several venues within the village, allowing attendees to explore the locale’s unique atmosphere and diverse artistic community. The festival layout ensures convenience and comfort, irrespective of weather conditions.

In addition to music, the festival offers a range of cultural experiences including vibrant markets, interactive workshops, and street performances, all designed to enrich the attendee’s festival journey. Nimbin is fun plus.

Where? Nimbin, NSW

When? October each year

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2024 Nimbin Roots Festival

The Nimbin Roots Festival, from October 25th to 27th, 2024. As it enters its ninth year, the festival will feature a rich array of Australian musical talent amidst the scenic backdrop of Nimbin’s vibrant community and cultural heritage.

The 2024 lineup boasts a variety of well-known Australian acts including GANGgajang, celebrated for their distinctive rock sound, and the Pierce Brothers, whose energetic folk tunes captivate audiences. Other notable performers include Dog Trumpet, Rod McCormack with his bluegrass flair, and the soulful blues duo, Hussy Hicks. Festival-goers can also look forward to performances by Jimmy Dowling, Melody Pool, The Buckleys, and many others, alongside festival founder and acclaimed singer-songwriter, Lou Bradley.


Lou Bradley expressed her excitement about this year’s festival, emphasizing its importance against the backdrop of larger festival cancellations. “With major festivals being canceled, it’s crucial we uphold our unique, accessible ethos,” said Bradley. “This festival not only allows for an affordable cultural escape but also celebrates the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland and our committed, alternative community.”

This year, the festival’s visual appeal is boosted by the artwork of Reg Mombassa, a member of Dog Trumpet and a renowned artist whose designs have been featured prominently by Australian brand Mambo since 1986.

Commenting on the festival, Mombassa highlighted the special nature of the event and its setting: “Nimbin is a wonderful place for a festival; the natural beauty and cool vibe make it a memorable experience. I’m eagerly looking forward to this year’s event.”

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