Festival Name: Garrmalang Festival

Date: May. Check official site as date seems to vary year to year. Location: Darwin Arts and Entertainment Centre

The Garrmalang Festival, celebrated annually in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, is a vibrant showcase of Indigenous Australian art and culture. Founded in 2014,  it is Darwin’s only First Nation’s-led multi-arts festival and it has evolved into a significant three-day+ event. The festival’s heartbeat is the celebration and recognition of the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians, offering a platform for both traditional and contemporary expressions. It aims to educate, inform, and engage both Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture.


The festival features an array of artistic and cultural activities, including art exhibitions, music, dance, comedy, and theater performances. Interactive workshops and panel discussions for Indigenous youth are also a staple, focusing on education and future pathways.

In previous years, the festival has hosted diverse events such as “Janet’s Vagrant Love” by Elaine Crombie and performances by The Andrew Gurruwiwi Band. Gary Lang’s spoken word performance and Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse’s choir workshops have been notable highlights.

Activities: Main Activities include:

  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Music Performances
  • Dance and Theater Shows
  • Educational Workshops and Panel Discussions
  • Choir Performances

Website Address: Darwin Entertainment Centre

Facebook Page Address: Garrmalang Festival | Facebook

Fabulous entertainment at Garrmalang Festiva. Image Credit ABC

Local Area Tourism Information

Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, offers a blend of modern and Indigenous culture. Visitors can explore the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, visit the

Botanic Gardens, and experience the city’s vibrant food and nightlife scene. The proximity to natural wonders like Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park makes it an ideal location for those seeking both cultural and natural exploration. Read more about Darwin and surrounds

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