Aussie icons The Cat Empire have had an illustrious career, spanning decades, genres, and millions of adoring fans from across the globe. We see them whenever we can. Brilliant live band with a terrific sense of social justice and environmental awareness. Ed: Kevin Parker

The Cat Empire is an Australian band known for their unique blend of jazz, funk, ska, and rock with Latin influences. Formed in Melbourne in 1999, the original lineup included Felix Riebl, Ryan Monro, and Ollie McGill, later joined by Harry Angus, Will Hull-Brown, and Jamshid Khadiwala. They gained fame for their energetic live performances and advocacy for causes like the Great Barrier Reef and asylum seekers.

The band’s discography includes:


Studio Albums:

  • The Cat Empire (2003)
  • Two Shoes (2005) – Debuted at number one on the ARIA Charts.
  • Cities (2006)
  • So Many Nights (2007)
  • Cinema (2010)
  • Steal the Light (2013)
  • Rising with the Sun (2016)
  • Stolen Diamonds (2019)
  • Where the Angels Fall (2023)
The Cat Empire 2023

Live Albums:

  • On the Attack (2004)
  • Live at the Bowl (2009) – Both received Gold certifications in Australia.


  • The Adelphia Sessions (2021)


  • Notable singles include “Hello” (2003), “The Chariot” (2004), “Sly” (2005), “No Longer There” (2007), and “Brighter Than Gold” (2013).

Following the departure of members like Ryan Monro, Harry Angus, Will Hull-Brown, and Jamshid Khadiwala in 2021, The Cat Empire continued with new members, including Grace Barb.

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