As the name suggests, The Townsville Medieval & Fantasy Festival is a captivating event that transports attendees to a realm of wonder, adventure, and magic. Hosting its inaugural event on Sunday August 18, 2024, at the picturesque Cluden Park, Townsville, this festival promises an enchanting experience for all.

Created by Hone Events (the volunteer, family team set on bringing more unique and family friendly events to Townsville) this immersive experience is set to be Townsville’s first-ever medieval and fantasy event!

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • Re-enactment Camps: Step back in time as historical reenactors bring medieval and fantasy worlds to life. Wander through authentic encampments, interact with the friendly teams, and immerse yourself in the past through games, displays and demonstrations.
  • Medieval Marketplaces: Explore a bustling marketplace filled with stalls offering unique treasures. From handcrafted potions and
  • mystical artifacts to intricate costumes and jewellery, there’s something for every fantasy enthusiast.
  • Live Performances: Be mesmerised by live music from local and national bands, acrobats defying gravity, soulful singers, and memorising dancers. Their talents will transport you to otherworldly realms.
  • Live Combat Displays: Witness epic battles as skilled warriors clash swords, demonstrating the art of medieval combat. The adrenaline-pumping displays will leave you in awe.
  • Kids’ Enchanted Cove: Little adventurers can ride mighty steeds, encounter mermaids, and embrace their wildest fantasies through costume and face painting.
  • Enchanted Forest: Find respite under ancient trees in the festival’s very own enchanted forest. Enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature’s beauty while savouring delectable treats from our many food and drink purveyors.
  • Grab a Drink at the Tavern: Sip on mead or ale at the Great Hall, where merriment flows freely, and the shanties are sung loudly!
Townsville Medieval and Fantasy Festival

So, don your finest attire, wield your imagination, and embark on a day of wonder at the Townsville Medieval & Fantasy Festival! ⚔️🌿🎶

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