The Noosa Festival of Surfing on the Sunshine Coast is held every March and the streets and beaches of Noosa Heads buzz with more surfboards than you can count. It’s not just any gathering; it’s the time of the year when surfers from across the globe convene for the annual Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Longboards Galore. Credit Noosa Festival of Surfing

“This event continues to grow and provides an awesome opportunity for competitors from around the world to compete in a fun, family-friendly environment across a 9 day festival. With 26 divisions in total, the 2023 festival saw 447 competitors from as young as 8yrs all the way to 78yrs of age. There is no sport or festival in the world with a spread of ages like this.” (Noosa Festival of Surfing Facebook page)

Proudly holding the title as Australia’s largest longboard surfing event, the Noosa Festival of Surfing is not just about riding waves. It’s a grand festivity of sun, surf, and sheer enjoyment. Picture yourself amid thrilling competitions, with surfers showcasing their skills in a variety of divisions.


Check out the cool video below which has an awesome track called ‘Saltwater People’ by the excellent Charlie Needs Braces who we saw recently at the Woodford Folk Festival.

But there’s more! The festival is a kaleidoscope of surf culture, blending in beautifully with art exhibitions, live music that resonates with the ocean’s rhythm, inspiring film screenings, and a strong message of environmental conservation. It’s a holistic celebration that touches every aspect of surf life.

Surfer at Noosa Surfing Festival
Surfer at Noosa Surfing Festival

And let’s not forget the highlight for many – the dog-surfing competition. This adorable event draws smiles and cheers, as our furry friends take to the waves, proving that surfing is indeed for everyone.

So, mark your calendars and head to the festival village on Noosa’s picturesque beach.

Noosa Festival of Surfing, Sunshine Coast Website

Noosa Festival of Surfing Facebook