The Festival Australia Family has been attending Woodford since it’s inception every few years and have fond memories of music, mud, hot sun and great times at Maleny before that. When we consider the cost of a ticket to see a single major act for a two-hour gig in an Aussie City these days costs $250 to $500 then it is starkly apparent what amazing value a ticket to a six day and night festival at Woodford represents. And, we will vouch for this, it is a brilliant experience all round. Ed: Kevin Parker

The Woodford Folk Festival, an annual event held in Queensland, Australia, is a significant cultural and musical festival that typically takes place over six days and nights, from December 27th to January 1st. This festival, which is the largest gathering of artists and musicians in Australia, began as the Maleny Folk Festival in 1987 and was moved to its current location in Woodford in 1994 due to its rapid growth.

The festival is renowned for its diverse and rich cultural experience. It emphasizes inclusive community, culture, and tradition, which are expressed through various forms of storytelling and ceremony. The event site, known as Woodfordia, was a barren dairy farm, now transformed and regenerated with over 120,000 subtropical rainforest trees to create a wildlife habitat and a lake for swimming.


Each year, the festival features over 2,000 local, national, and international artists, musicians, and presenters, performing over 500 acts to an audience of around 132,000 people over the six days. Past events have included high-profile recording artists such as Kate Miller-Heidke, The Cat Empire, Archie Roach, John Butler Trio, Pete Murray, Tim Finn, The Saints, Katie Noonan, and Christine Anu.

Woodford Folk Festival
Woodford Folk Festival

Camping is a significant aspect of the Woodford Folk Festival, with options available on-site at Woodfordia. The festival offers both overnight and season camping packages, as well as accessibility camping. Additional local campgrounds are also available near the festival site, some offering shuttle services.

Woodfordia Inc., the managing body of the festival, is a not-for-profit organization committed to the arts, humanities, and the environment. Their vision extends to a 500-year plan, focusing on environmental and community sustainability for future generations.

For more detailed information, ticketing, and updates on upcoming events, you can visit the official Woodford Folk Festival website at They also have a Facebook page, which provides updates and information about the festival at Woodford Folk Festival Facebook