Theme: Discovering Our Cultural Roots – A Journey Through Time

Dates: Usually May 1st to May 31st Location: Various Locations across Victoria

The Australian Heritage Festival in Victoria is an annual celebration that delves deep into the country’s rich cultural history. With a theme that changes every year, the festival invites visitors to embark on a journey through time. What sets this festival apart is its commitment to preserving and sharing Australia’s diverse heritage. The program with wonderful tours, great talks, musical interludes, heritage walks, migrant heritage, indigenous heritage, landscape and builds. We have provided a link to the 2023 program here to give you a feel for it, looks brilliant.


In previous festivals, attendees have marveled at recreations of Australia’s colonial past, explored the intricate tapestry of indigenous cultures, and uncovered the stories of migrant communities who have contributed to the nation’s identity. Each year has brought a new dimension to Australia’s historical narrative.


  1. Heritage Walks: Guided tours through historic neighborhoods and sites, offering insights into the past.
  2. Cultural Performances: Live performances showcasing traditional music, dance, and art.
  3. Workshops: Hands-on experiences, including cooking classes, traditional craft-making, and storytelling sessions.
  4. Exhibitions: Museums and galleries feature special exhibitions that bring history to life.
  5. Food and Craft Markets: Enjoy delicious cuisine and shop for unique handmade crafts.

Website Address: Australian Heritage Festival Victoria Website

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Local Area Tourism Information

While you’re in Victoria for the Australian Heritage Festival, don’t miss the chance to explore the local attractions. Visit the iconic Great Ocean Road, take a trip to the historic goldfields, or immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Melbourne. The state is also home to stunning natural wonders like the Twelve Apostles and the Grampians National Park.