Theme: A celebration of Western Victoria’s finest wine, food, and music.

Dates: May each year. May 3-5, 2024

Location: Halls Gap, Victoria, Australia


Unique Features: The festival is renowned for its picturesque setting in the Grampians region and its extensive showcase of local winemakers and food artisans. A special highlight is the Feel-Good Friday, initiating the weekend with live music and a joyful atmosphere.

Activities: The festival includes wine and food tastings, live music performances, cooking demonstrations by guest chefs, masterclasses, and a children’s adventure precinct. The Barrique Auction offers a fine experience for attendees.

Past Events: The festival has seen various activities like the David O Jones Little Adventurers Precinct for kids and engaging masterclasses for adults.

Past Artists: Notable past artists include Neil Murray, Taylah Carroll, and bands like Shell Yeah, 19-Twenty, and Madhouse.

Website Address: Grampians Grape Escape

Facebook Page Address: Facebook – Grampians Grape Escape

Local Area Tourism Information: The Grampians region offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences. Visitors can enjoy hikes, the Grampians Way Touring Route, Halls Gap Zoo, and tranquil waterfalls.

The stunning Grampians. Credit Richard Lin via Unsplash

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