The Waterfront Festival is a vibrant celebration of summer, showcasing a diverse mix of live music, food, and family entertainment. This festival not only celebrates the local culture and community spirit of Frankston but also serves as an opportunity for visitors to explore the broader attractions of the region. From personal experience, the fireworks display is a spectacular sight, best enjoyed with a backdrop of Frankston’s scenic waterfront. The festival’s ability to blend high-energy entertainment with a family-friendly atmosphere makes it a fun event all-round.

Dates: February each year. Scheduled for 10th (12-10pm) and 11th (12-8pm) February 2024.

Location: Frankston Waterfront, Victoria.


Unique Features: This festival is known for its spectacular fireworks display on Saturday night and a lineup of both prominent and emerging artists.

Activities: Attendees can enjoy a wide array of activities including live music performances, delicious food and drink options, rides, amusements, and free activities for children.

Past Events: Previous festivals have featured performances by renowned artists and an array of activities and stalls, making each year a memorable event.

Past Artists: Notable past performers include Touch Sensitive, The Grogans, YOU AM I, The Casanovas, Thndo, and the Melbourne Ska Orchestra.

Website Address: Discover Frankston

Local Area Tourism Information: Frankston is a gateway to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, offering visitors picturesque beaches, local markets, and a vibrant arts scene. The city is also home to the renowned McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.

Mornington Peninsula. Credit Lucile Noiriel- Unsplash

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