Batlow CiderFest, is a vivacious and chromatic jubilation, marks the culmination of the apple harvest season and takes place in May each year. This event heralds a unique assembly of some of Australia’s finest boutique ciders. Set within the heart of the Snowy Valleys, NSW, this festival emerges as a well-deserved respite for the tireless growers, producers, and locals, alongside their guests. These individuals, after enduring the rigorous months of cultivation, growth, harvesting, and packaging, converge to savor this fleeting moment of tranquility before the onset of winter’s embrace.

The festival’s essence is not to be underestimated. It’s a kaleidoscope of activities and experiences: a stage that becomes a showcase for the local talents, market stalls that are more than just commerce points but a celebration of craftsmanship, offering an array of boutique ciders, exquisite gourmet delicacies, produce cultivated with care, and an assortment of homemade confections that tempt even the most disciplined.

Amidst this, the air buzzes with an infectious energy. Buskers and street performers animate the space, their presence a dynamic force that weaves through the crowd. There’s usually a fair, market stalls, music and talks about the cider making process to entertain. In the past , the home-grown Apple Tarts, a troupe embodying the spirit of the festival, lead a dance that captivates and invites participation. This spectacle unfolds against a stunning backdrop, where trees, dressed in their autumnal finery, stand as silent witnesses to the festivities.

Batlow Ciderfest- Every May celebrating great cider

Engulfing the senses, the festival offers more than visual delights. The aroma of culinary masterpieces, mingling seamlessly with the crisp, fresh scent of cider being poured, fills the air. This sensory collage, set in the pure mountain air, is an experience that stirs the soul, leaving an indelible mark on all who partake in the Batlow CiderFest.

Some of the Cideries who display at the festival have included: Batlow Brewing Co | The Apple Thief | Crafty Cider | Daylesford Cider | 3  Sons Cider | Darkes Cider | Cedar Creek Cider | Small Acres Cyder | Ladbroken Distilling Co | Tumut River Brewing Co plus loads more.


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Festival location: 1 Pioneer St, Batlow, NSW, Australia, New South Wales