Tasmania’s festivals are a kaleidoscope of cultural experiences. Each event, with its unique focus and offerings, contributes to the rich tapestry of Tasmanian life, making the island a must-visit destination for festival enthusiasts. From the culinary delights of Taste of Summer to the artistic explorations of MONA FOMA, these festivals are more than just events; they are celebrations of Tasmania’s vibrant spirit and diverse community.

Tasmania’s calendar is filled with a diverse range of cultural, artistic, food, and music festivals that celebrate the island’s unique character and lifestyle. Here are some of the highlights that showcase the vibrant festival scene in Tasmania.

Taste of Summer: A Culinary Delight

Taste of Summer, previously the Taste of Tasmania, stands as Australia’s largest and most enduring food and wine festival. Originating in the late 1980s, this week-long celebration during late December and early January in Hobart is a culinary spectacle. It’s a gastronomic paradise where you can savor Tasmania’s finest foods, wines, and craft beers. Picture yourself walking among stalls filled with local culinary creations, engaging in cooking demonstrations led by celebrated chefs, and soaking in the festive atmosphere with live music and an extraordinary New Year’s Eve celebration. The festival has hosted renowned acts like The Whitlams and Kate Ceberano, adding a layer of entertainment to the exquisite food experience.


Website Taste of Summer

Dark Mofo: A Winter Wonderland

Moving into the colder months, Dark Mofo transforms Hobart into an immersive winter festival for two weeks in June. Hosted by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), it’s an exploration of contrasts: darkness and light, life and death, the ancient and the contemporary. Since its inception in 2013, Dark Mofo has mesmerized visitors with its unique art installations, musical performances, and the iconic Dark Mofo Winter Feast. Embrace the chill of the winter solstice with events like the Nude Solstice Swim and performances by internationally acclaimed artists.

Dark Mofo Website 

Festival of Voices: Celebrating the Power of Song

In July, the Festival of Voices takes center stage as Australia’s premier celebration of vocal talent. This event attracts thousands to Tasmania for workshops and performances, offering a community-based choral experience. Whether you’re a singing enthusiast or just love the harmony of voices, this festival presents an array of concerts, workshops, and sing-along sessions led by experienced vocal coaches and renowned musicians.

Festival of Voices Website

Falls Festival: A Boutique Music Experience

As the year comes to a close, the Falls Festival in Marion Bay offers a unique blend of music and arts over New Year’s Eve. This boutique festival showcases a mix of international and local artists across various music genres, complemented by art performances and workshops. The festival’s blend of music and art creates an immersive atmosphere, previously featuring artists like Tame Impala and Vampire Weekend, making it an unmissable event for music lovers.

Falls Festival Website

MONA FOMA: A Fusion of Art and Music

MONA FOMA, curated by MONA, is a summer festival that breaks the conventions of art and music. Held in January, it’s known for its avant-garde programming and showcases a mix of music performances, art installations, and theatrical experiences. This festival is a haven for those who seek to push the boundaries of creativity, having attracted artists like Björk and Laurie Anderson.

Tasmania Agfest: Celebrating Rural Life

Tasmania Agfest is a key event for Tasmania’s agricultural sector, taking place in May. It’s not just a field day event; it’s a celebration of rural life, showcasing the latest in agricultural technology and lifestyle products. Agfest is a vital platform for connecting industry professionals and offering insights into farming innovations.

Agfest Website 

Cygnet Folk Festival: Embracing Folk Traditions

In January, the Cygnet Folk Festival brings the town of Cygnet alive with folk music and cultural diversity. This three-day festival features performances that range from traditional to contemporary folk music, workshops, and local food and craft stalls, all set in the scenic Huon Valley.

Cygnet Folk Festival Website

Bay of Fires Winter Arts Festival: A Coastal Art Celebration

The Bay of Fires Winter Arts Festival, held during the June long weekend, is a testament to the vibrant arts community along Tasmania’s east coast. The festival offers exhibitions, performances, and open studios, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local art scene against the backdrop of Tasmania’s natural beauty.

Bay of Fires Winter Arts Festival Website

Tamar Valley Writers Festival: A Literary Haven

Lastly, the Tamar Valley Writers Festival is a three-day literary celebration. It brings together renowned Australian writers and thinkers for discussions, workshops, and cultural activities. It’s a platform for literary exchange and community engagement, fostering a love for literature and intellectual curiosity.

Tamar Valley Writers Festival Website