Festival Name: Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival

The Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival is staged by the The Manning Valley Historical Museum and the Manning Valley Highland Association. It is celebration of Scottish culture and heritage in Wingham, New South Wales. This annual event, deeply rooted in the Scottish traditions of the area’s early settlers, brings to life a remembrance of Scotland’s history. It showcases the spirited music, dance, and athletic prowess characteristic of Scottish culture. The festival is an immersive experience, inviting attendees to delve into the heart of Scotland’s cultural legacy while enjoying the hospitality and charm of Wingham.

Wingham’s Scottish roots date back to the 1800s with the arrival of Scottish immigrants. Facing hardships like the 1918-19 influenza pandemic, floods, fires, and droughts, they persevered to shape the townships of Wingham, Mt George, Tinonee, and Gloucester. The legacy of these settlers lives on, with many descendants still in the area, proudly upholding their Scottish heritage. The Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival honors these early Australians, showcasing their culture and history. Open to all nationalities, it sees growing participation from clans annually, maintaining a strong sense of enthusiasm and community spirit.


Dates: Late May/June (Saturday, 1st June 2024)

Location: Central Park, Wingham, New South Wales

Features: The festival features an array of Scottish-themed attractions, including traditional pipe band performances, highland dancing, and heavy athletic events. It’s a cultural hub that bridges the past and present, offering a unique glimpse into Scottish traditions.

The main activities include a grand Scottish parade, highland dancing, pipe bands performances, Scottish country dancing, whisky tasting, the caber toss, best dressed dog, tug of war, and various food stalls. There’s also a Celtic market showcasing local crafts and produce.

The festival has hosted a variety of talented performers over the years. Notable artists have included renowned pipe bands and highland dancers, both local and international, showcasing the finest in Scottish musical and dance traditions.

Website Address: www.bonniewingham.com

Facebook Page Address: Bonnie Wingham Scottish Festival on Facebook

Local Area Tourism Information: Wingham and the surrounding Manning Valley area boast a plethora of attractions. Visitors can explore the historic Wingham Museum, enjoy the natural beauty of the Manning River, and experience the rich cultural heritage of the region. The festival adds a unique flair to the area’s tourism offerings.