The Adelaide Cabaret Festival is a dazzling celebration of talent and entertainment. This festival gathers some of the world’s most talented performers, offering a diverse range of shows, from music to comedy, that will captivate everyone. The festival takes place in the month of June.

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere as Adelaide transforms into a hub of creativity and enchantment. With a rich history dating back to its inception in 2001, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival has earned its reputation as a premier showcase of cabaret arts. From intimate performances in cabaret clubs to grand productions in prestigious venues, the festival celebrates the full spectrum of this unique art form.

Discover new talents and witness seasoned artists push the boundaries of cabaret artistry, from traditional to innovative and experimental performances. Beyond entertainment, the festival plays a significant role in putting Adelaide on the cultural map, attracting artists and audiences globally. It fosters inclusivity, challenges societal norms, and celebrates storytelling’s power.

Adelaide Cabaret brings personality and pizzaz to the Festival City each year

Over the years, the festival has featured remarkable performances, such as Liza Minnelli’s electrifying show in 2008 and Paul Capsis’s emotionally charged performance in 2014. Cabaret, with its blend of music, theater, and comedy, pushes creative boundaries and addresses societal issues. The Adelaide Cabaret Festival champions cabaret as a legitimate art form, elevating it in the performing arts industry.

Don’t miss this extraordinary extravaganza of music, dancing, laughter, and pure entertainment. Join us at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival and experience the magic and allure of cabaret like never before.

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Past Featured Acts at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival has hosted a variety of acts and shows over the past ten years. Here are some highlights:

2023: The line-up included 2021 Cabaret Icon Paul Capsis, who was joined by pianist Francis Greep for an intimate acoustic show called “Dry My Tears”. American performer Broadway Barbara (aka Barbara Dixon), who has become a social media sensation with her satirical take on showbiz stars, also performed. Paul Grabowski, Joe Camilleri, and Deborah Conway teamed up for “Edge of Reality”, which reimagines hits by Elvis Presley. Internationally acclaimed cabaret star Mark Nadler returned to the festival after 10 years with the all-singing, all-dancing comedy “Hootenanny”, as well as “The Old Razzle Dazzle – An Evening of Lies, Lying and Liars”1.

2022: Libby O’Donovan was a featured performer

2021: Paul Capsis was a featured performer.

2020: David Campbell was a featured performer.

2019: Meow Meow was a featured performer.

2018: David Bates was a featured performer.

2017: Debra Byrne was a featured performer.

2016: Robyn Archer was a featured performer.

2015: The late Frank Ford AM was a featured performer.

2014: Rhonda Burchmore was a featured performer.

2013: Reg Livermore AO was a featured performer.