WHEN? Second weekend in January

WHERE? Cygnet, Huon Valley, Tasmania

The Cygnet Folk Festival unfolds as a three-day jubilee, extolling the multifaceted world of folk melodies. Situated in the picturesque hamlet of Cygnet, a mere 55 kilometers southward of Hobart, this festivity metamorphoses the locale into a pulsating nexus of melodies and artistic expressions each January’s second weekend. Inaugurated in the year of 1982, the Cygnet Folk Festival has burgeoned into a distinguished event on Tasmania’s artistic itinerary, transcending mere celebration to embody a communal revelry that amalgamates local, Australian, and international virtuosos, epitomizing the boundless dialect of tunes and creativity.


A distinctive trait of this gala is its eclectic assemblage of venues – spanning taverns, auditoriums, cafés, ecclesiastical edifices, green spaces, and even boulevards. Such a milieu affords attendees an intimate and genuine encounter with music and ancillary arts, rendering the Cygnet Folk Festival an all-encompassing escapade.

Throughout its history, the festival has welcomed an array of performers such as Riley Lee, Afenginn, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Stiff Gins, Zulya Kamalova, Rory McLeod and Frank Yamma. underscoring the festival’s dedication to exhibiting an extensive gamut of folk music genres.

Beyond melodious offerings, the festival also organizes workshops, poetic recitations, juvenile-centric activities, and artisanal marketplaces, ensuring a varied engagement for all attendees.

The Cygnet Folk Festival is a delight for aficionados of folk music, set against the picturesque panorama of Tasmania’s Huon Valley. It stands as a congregation point where musical notes dissolve barriers, unifying individuals from disparate paths to revel in the strength of songcraft and kinship.

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cygnet folk festival
Cygnet Folk Festival has been staged since 1982

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