Theme: Celebrating Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Dates: November Festival (November 15-17, 2024)

Location: Bright Community Hall, Bright, Victoria, Australia


Unique Features: Mountaingrass Festival stands out for its dedication to bluegrass and old-time music. It’s a haven for enthusiasts of these genres, offering a blend of authentic musical experiences in the scenic landscape of Victoria’s High Country.

Activities: The festival boasts an array of activities including live music performances, jam sessions, and workshops. It’s a place where musicians and fans alike can immerse themselves in the rich culture of bluegrass and old-time music.

Past Events: Past festivals have seen vibrant performances, engaging workshops, and an enthusiastic community spirit that brings together artists and audiences in a celebration of music and culture.

Past Artists: Notable artists include the Kody Norris Show, Bluegrass Parkway, Foghorn Stringband, Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones, and the Black Mountain String Band. These artists have significantly contributed to the festival’s reputation as a premier music event.

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Local Area Tourism Information: Bright, Victoria, is not only known for the Mountaingrass Festival but also for its breathtaking landscapes, charming local markets, and a range of outdoor activities like cycling and hiking, making it an ideal destination for both music lovers and adventure seekers.

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Sunrise on an autumn day in Bright Victoria. Credit Bright and Surrounds Website

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