Festival Name: Penola Coonawarra Acoustic Music Gathering

Dates: Annually, Specific dates vary. Generally late February/early March

Location: Penola, South Australia


The Penola Coonawarra Acoustic Music Gathering celebrates the essence of folk and acoustic music. Set in the picturesque South Australian town of Penola, this festival is a harmonious blend of local culture, music, and community spirit. It showcases a diverse range of music from traditional folk to contemporary acoustic tunes.

A welcome community initiative, “…..the event is managed by the Penola Coonawarra Music Gathering Association Inc. which was established in March 2020 in response to the closing of the Frances Folk Gathering. A number of towns considered putting on this popular event but supported us due to Penola’s central location, superior park and tourism facilities.” (source https://www.pcmusicgathering.com.au).


  • Focus on acoustic and folk music genres.
  • Inclusion of both Australian and international artists.
  • Workshops on various acoustic instruments and music genres.
  • Live music performances.
  • Instrumental and genre-specific workshops.
  • Poetry competitions and gospel singing sessions.
  • Market and open mic opportunities.

Artists who appeared in 2024: Fred Smith, Gallie, Andrew Clermont, Bluegrass Junction, Jasmine Beth, Chris Cavill, Jane and The Rain, Cenris, Kelly Menhennett, Duplicity, Mietta Symms, Pat Tierney, East of Sunshine.

Website Address: Penola Coonawarra Acoustic Music Gathering

Facebook Page Address: Penola Coonawarra Acoustic Music Gathering Facebook Page

Local Area Tourism Information: Penola is known for its rich history and viticulture, particularly the Coonawarra wine region. Visitors can explore the distinctive terra rossa soil vineyards, enjoy local Cabernet Sauvignon wines, and visit historical sites in the town.